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Bauerfeind Inventory Management System

Take Control of your Inventory – Enhance practice DME profit streams.

Inventory Management

As a leading manufacturer of premium braces, supports, compression hosiery, and insoles, it is our aim to ensure the highest quality of patient care. However, we are not just producing products - we are providing services and tailor-made solutions to help you manage your business. For more information, please contact your sales representative.

The Bauerfeind Inventory Management Software provides:

  • Precise tracking of inventory
  • Real-time reporting
  • Easy dispensing with electronic records
  • Vendor-neutral platform
  • Customizable system to meet your practice needs
  • Automatic purchase order generation
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Easy access from any internet-connected device


Q: Is your system vendor-neutral?
A: Yes, in the ever-changing landscape of quality, performance and insurance coverage of DME products it is imperative that your inventory solution has the flexibility to react to changes in the workplace – ours does.

Q: Will your system integrate with our Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system?
A: Absolutely, our system is fully open to send and receive data to your EMR. We will work with your EMR provider to intergrate with their system, however there may be additional charges associated with this.

Q: Can I track and reorder items that are consistently being used?
A: Yes, we have a par-leveling system that does the thinking for you. We can also evaluate physicians‘ dispensing patterns to identify key items and maximize revenue opportunities.

Q: How much does your system cost our practice?
A: Our Inventory Management System is an extension of our service and is free of charge. Your Sales Representative can provide more detail.

Q: Can my practice benefit from other Bauerfeind incentives?
A: Bauerfeind provides several Business Solutions to help make your work with us as convenient as possible. From Inventory Financing to Billing Solutions as well as multiple different Discount Programs tailored to your business – Bauerfeind provides solutions for your DME needs.