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Trainer Rx — Recovery made simple

Trainer-Rx is a medical software company designing solutions to meet the demands of healthcare professionals treating musculoskeletal injury.

Designed by orthopaedic specialists, Trainer Rx is a cloud and prescription-based innovative rehabilitation program taking patients from injury or prehab through full recovery for a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.

The platform features surgical and conservative pathways designed using evidence based medicine guidelines and are delivered in HD audio, video and written instructions. Rehabilitation exercises, home self care instruction, educational information and medical products helpful to optimize recovery are all integrated at appropriate times. Optimized by a patent pending system that “learns and adjusts” to each patient, the highly intuitive and engaging program is diagnosis specific and delivers.

Features at a glance

  • Customizable time based therapy protocols
  • Patient centric user experience
  • Cost and time effective
  • Peer reviewed diagnosis specific educational material
  • Anytime, anywhere and any device
  • Improve and measure patient engagement, compliance and satisfaction

Clinician benefits:

  • Up-to-date rehabilitation and recovery pathways
  • Patient/Provider dashboard clearly displaying patient engagement
  • Custom workout and exercise sessions from injury through recovery
  • Perioperative instruction- generic and customized for surgical patients
  • Validated outcome data surveys- recorded, scored and graphically displayed

If you could make a simple addition to your practice of treating musculoskeletal injuries that would save time, improve outcomes, increase patient satisfaction and assist patients in achieving maximum recovery at minimal cost, would you do it?

Talk to us and make it happen.
Call 404-201 7822 for more information,
or vistit trainer-rx.com



Trainer Rx is meant to supplement, not replace physical or occupational therapy with a licensed therapist. The software is meant to serve as a tool for patients and clinicians treating musculoskeletal injury to optimize treatment outcomes.